Fringed Fleece Scarf




Here is a great inexpensive way to make a great scarf for your kids or make them as gifts for others!

Step 1: Cuting the Fabric

You will need to cut 3 pieces of fleece ( one solid colored and two patterned) measuring 50 inches long by 6 inches wide.

**These pieces are cut from leftover fabric I had from another project.

Step 2: Layer the Fleece

Next you will need to layer the fleece on top of each other like a sandwhich. The patterned fleece on the top and bottom and the solid color in the middle.

Step 3: Sewing the Fleece

Next you will need to sew the layered fleece together down the center using a straight stitch.

Step 4: Begin to Fringe!

Now you are ready to start cutting your fringe. Cut the scarf on both side about 1 inch apart, making sure you don't cut your center seam!

Once you have cut all the way to the end, pick up your scarf and shake it out.

Step 5: Done!

Now your scarf is finished and you are ready for the cold winter days!

**You can adjust the length and width to fit your kids or friends. Enjoy!



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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This was SO easy!! Especially if you get fleece that has a basic square kind of design to it.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    What an excellent project to do with beginner sewers as well!! And your model is adorable.........


    8 years ago on Introduction

    That is soooooo cool!! Iam going to make one for my grand baby :) I always get me fleece from  The colors the have will work perfect! Thanks :)