Introduction: FrisBeer

Greetings Instructables! Who here likes beer? Okay, most of you. Good. Who here likes games? Also most of you. I think you are going to like this.

So, without further blathering, I present: FRISBEER!

FrisBeer is a game of skill and drinking that involves trying to knock a beer bottle off a post. Sound simple? Well, not exactly. Read on to achieve understanding and enjoyment.

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Step 1: Setting Up

To play FrisBeer you will need:

  • 2 or 4 players of legal drinking age who are fun to be around
  • 2 posts of equal dimensions, something about 1 inch square by 4 feet long works best, you can even use PVC pipe.
  • Beer that comes in a glass bottle. Life's short, buy the good beer.
  • A frisbee or disk golf disk of your choice.
  • An open space.

Set up:

  • Take the posts and pound them into the ground 20-30 feet apart, depending on your skill level. About 3 feet of the post should be sticking out of the ground, and the posts should be of equal height.
  • Get two empty beer bottles and set them on top of the posts right side up.

You are now ready to play!

Step 2: Play

Players take position behind the beer bottle post on opposing sides of the field. Play can either be one-on-one or two-on-two. Players take turns throwing their frisbee at their opponents beer bottle and trying to knock it to the ground. If a bottle is knocked off the post, a player may attempt to catch it before it hits the ground, to prevent points from being scored


  • YOU MUST ALWAYS HAVE A BEER IN YOUR HAND. It doesn't matter which hand, but it must always be there. This means that all game functions (throwing, catching, nose picking, etc.) must be done with one hand.
  • You must throw the frisbee from behind your post.
  • You can only catch the frisbee once it is behind your post.
  • If playing two-on-two, and both players on a team knock the bottle off the post on the same turn (doesn't matter if they scored points or not), then they get their frisbees back for an immediate extra turn.


  • Hitting the post and knocking the bottle to the ground is ONE POINT.
  • Hitting the bottle and knocking it to the ground is TWO POINTS.
  • If the bottle is caught before it hits the ground, NO POINTS are scored.
  • Knocking the bottle to the ground and having it break is THREE POINTS.
  • Breaking the bottle by hitting it directly wins the game.
  • If the frisbee shatters the beer the player is holding in their hand, then that player loses and IS NEVER ALLOWED TO PLAY AGAIN.

Winning the game: The first team to reach 7 points or smash the opposing team's bottle directly wins the game. This game can take a while, so if people decide to quit before the 7 point score is reached, the team with the most points wins.

Note: That one guy doesn't actually have an explosion of color for a head, but he does have a desire for privacy

Step 3: Safety and Discussion

This game, like all games worth playing, has a real element of danger. Intoxicated people are flinging frisbees directly at each other with the intention of smashing a glass bottle.

Just try to hit the bottle, not the opposing player, and don't always throw the frisbee full force hoping to smash the bottle. Wear shoes, and understand that the occasional bruise or spilled beer is just part of the experience and not a result of your opponent being malicious.

As with everything involving drinking, stay hydrated, eat some snacks, and know your limits.

Depending on the ground surface, the density of the frisbee you are using, and the quality of beer bottles you are using, you may have a higher or lower chance of shattering bottles. We usually play with rubbery disk golf disks using sturdy craft brew bottles on a lawn, so breakages are almost impossible. Import and macrobrew beers such as Corona, Budweiser, and Coors usually come in weaker glass bottles that break easily. Balance these variables to reach just the right possibility of breakage.

The type of frisbee or disk used is entirely up to you, experiment and find out which one works best.

Overall, FrisBeer is an easy game to learn, but challenging to play well. Because of it's simplicity, the game can be modified or tweaked how you see fit. Enjoy!

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I love your write up and I love this idea! Voted for ya! I will definitely be making this. The "rules" are the best! Good luck!


    4 years ago

    Great idea I have made many sets of poles over the years from many different materials .but the bottle was always an issue it would break, or crack . I found that if you "turn" a piece of wood to the same dimensions as a beer bottle it is much safer and very customizable .


    4 years ago

    awesome 'ible mate, it's winter in Australia at the moment but I'll be sure to try it come summer! faved and voted


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! It's summer in California and since we no longer have water we have to drink beer. This has led to a fair amount of creative development