Frisbee Disc Holder

Using some thick garters, side release buckles and sewing skills, you can construct a disc holder for Ultimate Frisbee players.

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Step 1: Cut Your Garters!

Measure 70 centimeters of garter. Cut two of this measurement, just make sure they are almost identical.

Step 2: Connect the Buckles and Garters.

Slide one end of the cut garters to one of the pairs of the buckle. Make sure that you can lock or make a loop with the garters when you connect the buckles.

Step 3: Stitch and Lock

Sew the ends of the garters. Do a back stitch since this will make a cleaner and stronger stitch.

Step 4: X-mark!

Create an X-mark by overlapping the two garters. Make sure the X-mark is 15 centimeters away from the end of the each garter that has the non-adjustable buckle.

Now, sew the overlapping are like in the picture. This is still a back stitch.

Step 5: Connect the Connectors

Connect the key ring to the sliding lock. This will serve as the holder clip to bags.

Lastly, connect the holder clip to the sewn garters by sliding the garter into the key ring.



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