Fritzing Part Editor .... Making of HT12E IC

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Hello Friends

we all are well introduced about Fritzing. It is a Nice app for PCB designing. It gives great features and most advantageous thing is that "It is a Open Source" project. you can also read about Fritzing on wikipedia

But we know it is in Beta version, Many times I faced a problem lack of parts. Once I searched Ht12E IC, but didn't get any result so I decided to create HT12E IC

Step 1: Select a IC

After opening Fritzing

select a IC (any)

Step 2: Change the Pin No.

We are going to create HT12E IC, It is 18 PIN IC , at the Right side select PIN =18, because HT12E is 18 pin IC

Step 3: Go to Edit

Now right click on IC and open EDIT

Step 4: Goto Metadata

now change the label and chip label, and make another changes

Step 5: Goto Connectors

now assign name of every pin.

Step 6: Goto Icon

Now click file and click "Reuse Breadboard Image"

Step 7: Save As...

Now click file and click "Save a New Part"

Step 8: YOUTUBE Video



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