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    What size is the bread pan? I don't want to use the wrong size and mess it up.

    And thank you for putting this up, my girlfriend loves frogs and she will love this bread. :)

    Madrigorne was saying that both you (Gonzuela) and laurentoen are awesome :)

    BRILLIANT! and yet so simple. but looking at it now, using your method you could basically great any animal or anything in the bread! this gives me so many ideas! thank you! :)

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    Loving it in every way...I intend to make it as soon as i can...how cute would the space invaders be in loaf form!!!

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    Aaaaaaigh! I am baking Space Invader Bread!
    You are awesome, truly wonderful.
    You and the author both.

    HAHAHA Brilliant!!!! I wish I had known about this 15 years ago when my son was a small child.

    This is awesome.

    You might consider adding a step after the intro listing ALL the ingredients, in addition to listing them in the separate steps.

    If someone has to compile a shopping list by looking at different steps, something might be missed.

    Wow, I saw "easy" on the first page and was very doubtful, but that really DOES look easy! I'm going to have to try this!

    Wou , next time I 'm going to make on your recipe, because I made a Panda bread, and it didn't work always so good .
    Nice Frog;)

    Tehehehe this is awesome! but I had to laugh at the "until golden brown" how will you know its golden brown? its GREEN!! LOL :) I cant wait to try this tho :) :)

    Where do you come up with these ideas! You need to write a book on crazy looking food!