Frog-shaped Audio Amplifier




This is a frog-shaped portable audio amplifier I built mostly for amusement. The body is made out of cardboard and the amplifier is from a 2 AAA battery powered audio amplifier I bought from ebay.  

Step 1:

This is the internal part of the amplifier. The tube boosts the sound from the small speaker and I hot glued the amp board to one side of the board. The front shows the other end of the tube with the speaker in it, and the two flashing LEDs that makes the "eyes" flash. The two loose ends connect to the battery holder that's securely glued into the bottom of the frog. For this project I used a battery holder that had a sliding lid that keeps the batteries in. That way I can change the batteries without having to pull THIS part of the frog out each time. Sorry about the fuzziness of the second pic.

Step 2:

The frog-shaped body. It is made from posterboard lined with foamboard for strenght. The "eyes" are clear marbles that actually magnify the light coming from the two flashing LEDs. The black battery holder is visible on the bottom of the frog, between its' legs.

Step 3:

The final product, painted bronze-effect. The switch is installed on the bottom of the frog. 

Step 4:

And a video of it in action...



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