From 3D Models to Paper Models :D




Introduction: From 3D Models to Paper Models :D

About: Hi I'm KAFAROS :D

Do you like paper models?
Do you want to make own exceptional thing from paper?

This is instruction for you :)


You need:

-Google SketchUp (program You can download from here: )

-Pepakura Designer (program-You can download from my instruction)

-Pepakura Viewer (program-You can download from my instruction)





-Time :)

Step 1: Finding a Model

1.Run the Google SketchUp.

2.Click on the icon(picture-2).

3.Find and download your model or if you want create own :)

Step 2: Export Your 3D Model.

<>File--->Export--->3D Model
<>Export in format: .obj

Step 3: Open Model in Pepakura.

1.Run Pepakura Designer.

2.Enter Key(second picture): 0874-0142-0465

3.Open Your 3D model (picture-3,4,5,6,7).

Step 4: Unfolding the Model :)

1.Uncheck: "Auto".

2.Click "Unfold".


4.Now you can change size of your paper Model.

Step 5: Setting.

Thing in the picture-two,looks bad, but we can fix it :)
1.Click on the icon (picture-3).

2.Click on the part which you want to unhook (picture-4).

3.You can hook parts using these same option (picture-6).

4.You can rotate parts using option shown on the picture-8.

-select one of the dots,(picture:9)

-hold and rotate.(picture:10)


I finished this step(picture:11) :)

Step 6: Exporting .

<>File--->Export--->Locked Format(*.PDO)...

<>On the next window select: "No Password".

Step 7: Print and Instruction.

1.Now run Pepakura Viewer.

2.Open your exported model ( .pdo).

3.You can print model without colors-select option shown in picture-4.

4.If you click on part you can see that this part is shown on 3d model.

5.If you move cursor on the edge,you can see that part show you red line where you must connect this part (picture:6).

6.Now You can print and make your fantastic paper model :D

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    9 Discussions

    we cannot just use any obj file, so how to simplify/remove the inner geometry of obj. files or how to make it completely hollow from inside?

    Great instructable. Do you know if this works with .obj files made in other programs like Autodesk Maya or 123D Design?

    2 replies

    Yes you can use .obj from another programs :)

    That's good, thanks for letting me know! :D

    I don't mean this, but giving out the licence key to everyone is probably not a very good idea.

    You might want to spend some more time on making the pattern more clean and readable (it looks messy right now). The edges are not flowing with the original topology of the model and the flaps are everywhere.
    Also for 3D editing I might suggest simplifying the model so it looks better in Pepakura / the final paper model (removing unnecessary edges).
    Good effort though in explaing how to use Pepakura.

    Nice ible. Pepakura is great. Has served me well many times. But you might wanna take out the license key for the Designer. This license belongs to you and your PC only.