From Book to Mason Jars

I got bored and decided to cut up some books and make these cute little candle holders

What you'll need:

One old book
A scissors
Old jars (make sure nothing is stuck on them)
And some twine or the pieces of decorative hay I have here

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Step 1: Cut Your Pages Out

So you'll want to choose random pages that don't have many paragraphs in them.

I cut two pages and where I wanted them to meet I cut half a heart out of each so that it made a heart shape in the front of my candle holder.

I also cut out little hearts for each jar.

Step 2: Glue Your Words

So now you'll want to put some glue on the back of your book pages and stick them to your jars.

I decided to decorate them with some of the hay twine I have in the picture but you could use various fabrics to decorate with.

Total craft time: 30 mins

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    3 years ago

    Thanks! They're a perfect little decoration for my windowsill.


    These look great. They would be perfect or anyone who love books.