From Cropped Pants to Short (almost Hot) Pants.

Introduction: From Cropped Pants to Short (almost Hot) Pants.

Since I saw it on the Internet I always wanted to have some very short and tight pants. This is how I customized some unused cropped pant—"pirate pants" in Spain—into some short and tight one. You will need:

  • the pants you want to use;
  • another pant as a template (optional);
  • thread and needle;
  • scissors;
  • pins.

NOTE: I did this project a couple of weeks ago and the pants were already done before I decided to share it, consequently, through the project the pants used are not the one I customized, nevertheless, I think that if you follow the steps it does not matter the pants I used.

Step 1: Gettin the Short Itself.

At the end of this step, you will have the short that you will tighten up on the next step.

  1. Put your pant on as usual.
  2. Now whether you use another pant as a template or you do it "by hand" decide how much short do you want it. As you see in the picture I had a template. Another short pant I love and that I use in my home in the summertime.
  3. Cut "the legs" of the pant with scissors, remember to cut straight or crosswise depending on the design. As I said, I use the template, in my case I ended up with a straight line and I loved the result.
  4. See the result and adjust if necessary.

NOTE: although I used the template to see more or less the short I wanted the pants what I did was just cut "the legs" but leaving the pockets intact and I was very happy with the result so I decided to leave it there and keep the pockets.

Step 2: Try Again Your Pants and Decide How Much Tight Do You Want Them.

In this step, you will tighten up the short, with the help of your fingers, before pinning it in the next phase of the process.

  1. Take your thumb and middle finger of both hands and place them inside the pants—between the pants and the hips—, on both sides.

  2. Take your index and move it toward your hips, again in both sides, and with the help of your thumb and middle finger make a fold. Adjust this fold until you like the result.

Step 3: Pinning the Sewing Piece.

In this step, you will pin the sewing piece in order to facilitate its sewing in the next step.

  1. Release only one side and firmly pin top to bottom in order to fix the fold that you will sew in the next step.
  2. Repeat the process with the other side of the pant so now you will have both sides pinned. Carefully take off your pants and adjust some surely fell down pins.

Step 4: Start the Sewing.

This is the time for sewing your project. This part of the project took me about three or four days of sewing, while I was seeing some films or TV series I ended up with my project done.

  1. Take a thread of a similar color to the pant—although that is optional if you want to make some colorful project you can choose the color you want or event use cotton to make it more visible. Remember to thread in double so you will have a more firm labor.
  2. Make stitches close to one another—in my case from bottom to top—and to the edge of the now folded pant. Although I think the closer to the edges the more firm you will have the pant you have to think about the fact that if you make them close to the edge it may break as—at least in my case—this is a very tight pant. Remeber taking off the pins whenever you will arrive at them as well as firmly hold the two sides of the fold together.
  3. Repeat the process with the other side and you are done.
NOTE: as you can see the first stitches were not that tight. I am not used to sewing so it took me a couple of stitches to understand that I needed them closer to one another and to the edge of the fold.

Step 5: Extra Pictures.

As you can see on this pictures you have the folded part inside the pant. I guess you can cut it but you will not be able to adjust the pant in the future in case you want it to make it. Besides, I think that if you cut that part then the pant will not be that tight to your body.

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