From Dark Brown to Blonde! My Experience

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Step 1: My Experience

I know this isn't a website for story's I guess but I just want to warn girls my age or older about the dangers of bleaching and why you must ALWAYS have your hair bleached by a professional!

Step 2: Soo

I first had my hair foiled and bleached !

Step 3: Then

It turned out like this!

Step 4: Finally

A toner was run through and my hair was finished in going back next week to sort the ginger part out but my hair looks lovely!

Step 5: My Point Is

Always always always get tested to see if your allergic to bleach and don't try and bleach your hair at home , during my hair being bleached I had an allergic reaction to the toner and luckily because I had a hair dresser she noticed within seconds of putting it on

she told me that if It would of been left the foil would of gotten boiling and my scalp would of bled

I know it's expensive to get your hair bleached but it's a lot safer!



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    4 years ago

    Why is this even here if it's just a "don't try this at home" thing??

    This is a good warning for people! I'm so afraid of things like this happening so the most I do to my hair is use henna once in a while, haha.