From Empty Wall Space to Zen Shrine

Introduction: From Empty Wall Space to Zen Shrine

This Shrine feature can be adapted to most anything.  I just happened to have a number of pieces of old carved Chinese bed fronts and a statue I bought from Ebay years ago.  I wanted something large for a room where I removed the wall that separated the living area from the dining area in a hundred year old home.

By removing the open walk through archway wall I also removed the balance of the room that now had two small windows on opposite ends of the room with a huge empty wall between them. I thought about adding a large Bay or picture window.  But the view would have been the side of my neighbors old house which was two stories tall and would have occupied the entirety of the view.

Opting for privacy I decided to take these old pieces of carved Chinese bed fronts I had along with a statue I bought, some garage sale finds and mixed it with some other items I had and added some wood, a $10.00  screen for the back, some large 20" floor tiles, a brass table tray and some big furniture/cart wheels for easy mobility.

The bottom portion was made from 4X4's I had and framed in around the top and bottom with 2x6's. I then covered the top with a sheet of plywood and layed 20' tiles on the top.  I didn't glue them. I just butted them up to each other to fit the frame.

I then built a simple square box of 1x12" lumber for the sides and tp and attached that the the sides of the base with screws.

This was followed by attaching a teak colored folding screen backing, 

Next was the front pieces. I just cut them to fit. The statue is standing on an L bracket and a long lag bolt holds the statue from the back. I added brass wall candle holders and a pair of dragon brass candlestickes with a pair of brass incense burners that are just the right size for Sterno cans for flames.

The center is comprised of two wood stands stacked on top of each other with a large pottery bowl with a fogger placed in the middle for a nice mysterious effect.  When I am not using the big bowl with water, I cover it with a brass table tray from India.

I bought three inexpensive clip lights for $6.95 each and spaced them to light up the end panels and the statue.

I have also added small pebbles drilled out to hold incense sticks.

This piece is 9'x 12'.  Everyone marvels at it when they see it. 

Now I don't expect you to be able to duplicate this exactly. But I am posting it here to give you and idea of what you can do with old parts and pieces.  You can use materieals from old wooden or even plastic head boards, door panels from the old plastic front doors off of dressers, end tables and other Mediterranean style furniture.  Your focal point could be a flat screen television or a  fire or water feature. Let your imagination run wild.  Try a diifferent style.  I think contemporary would look very sharp!

I'm sorry I didn't list steps. But I have not figured out how to do that yet and this is my first instructable.  I hope it brings out your creative side.

I only have about $460.00 in this whole thing and most people think it's worth thousands!

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    2 years ago

    Still amazing


    6 years ago

    Beautiful job. I would've liked to have seen pictures of the progression of the build. Great job though!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow... that is an amazing build, especially because it looks like it's hugely expensive, but is actually cheaper.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    No problem, it's well deserved.