From Racing Tee Shirt to Reusable Bulk Grocery Bag

Introduction: From Racing Tee Shirt to Reusable Bulk Grocery Bag

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In this Instructable I describe the process I used to convert a tee shirt and a neck gaiter I received from running races into reusable, washable bulk grocery bags. They are simple bags that have paracord as a drawstring. I use them to bring home rice, beans and other bulk items from the market. I store the items in mason jars.

This was the first time I ever used a sewing machine, and believe me if I can do it, anyone can do it.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

  • Material
    • Racing Tee Shirt
    • Neck Gaiter
    • Small diameter paracord (a shoelace will also do as will any type of cordage)
  • Tools

Step 2: From Tee to Bag

  1. I turned the shirt inside out so that the seam would look finish when I turned it back out
  2. I used pins to mark where I wanted the bottom of the bag to be
  3. I sewed back and forth on the bottom
  4. I cut the excess material away
  5. I used pins to mark the limits of the sides and made a seam and cut the sleeves away.
  6. I cut straight across the top
  7. I folded the top down to form a tunnel, pinned it and sewed across it twice.
  8. I cut a small hole and passed the paracord thru it
  9. I melted the ends of the paracord and tied a knot.

Step 3: Similar Process for the Gaiter

The neck gaiter bag was even easier because it was already a tube. It was a matter of closing the ends and making a pass-thru for the drawstring.

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