From Speakers to Headphones


Introduction: From Speakers to Headphones

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I had an old pair of speakers from a computer that ran windows '98(just so you can tell how old) that I decided to make into headphones.
The headband is made from pieces of metal I found in a printer I dissasembled.
The piece from the headband to the speaker is from an erector set.
The erector set piece is attached to the speaker with a hose clamp.
The cover is made from pieces of cardboard I cut out and glued together.
The ear thing is made from an old t-shirt i rolled up.



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    Some computer speakers (powered speakers) in the $20 range are actually better quality than you might guess, when hooking them up to a stereo, or a guitar effects pedal or pre-amp. I've used an old set for a long time as a guitar practice amp, for playing very quietly in the house.

    That's cool. Thanks for the ideas. I am thinking of making one with a headband (horizontal) for compression, and a vertical bow for weight support, made of computer speakers, and plastic lunch bowls (like those Gladware type little round bowls). I don't want them for high volume, but for effects.

    I believe my Ghetto iPone (iPod and earphones) can top that, Took apart cpu monitor speakers and took apart a iPod replica (thats looks like an iPod but a third party compony) and removed the screen and wiring it to the speakers and makin it a pair of headphones/ghettoPod, tutorial will be posted.

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    Portable but built in Ipod headphones ;), also gonna work on a custom CD player hoodie wear the hood has the headphones wired to the CD player disassembled in the front pocket (yes protected with a lid) and so us Retro peoples can be in but out of style.

    I really feel this deserves an instructable ... I need the specs for the headphones!!

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    Sorry, but I don't think I'll be making that instructable any time soon, but basically I measured out a bunch of different cross sections of the speaker, traced the sections on to cardboard, and then cut them out and glued them. Everything else is shown in the slideshow.
    Also, I don't know much about the specs, but I was able to find a picture (not mine) of the speakers (not ripped apart).

    i love the simplicity and downright-ghetto-ness of this design. the slide show is well done too, i wouldnt even need steps to build it! how durable are these? they look slightly spindly.

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    Thanks! And these are a little bendy right where the speakers attach to the head band, but I don't think they would break unless you tried to.

    you must get good bass out of these! 3 inch mid-bass half an inch from ur ear!! :)

    no its the same output from the ipod, mp3 player, zune, etc. so it wont drain it anymore than it normally would with ear buds.

    great idea - well built. i had those drivers, WCTC 3W, but i blew them! xD

    I got a chuckle out this. But I like it--it's massive overkill (hello hearing loss.) What's it weight? 2-4 lbs, maybe?

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