From Stretch Jeans to Dress




Introduction: From Stretch Jeans to Dress

I had some jeans that wore out in the crotch and a bag of sleeves that  a coworker of mine rremoved from some sporting shirts..... I turned these materials into a dress....

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Step 1:

Here are my materials....

1 I cut the seams on each sleeve that I use, 8 in all

2 I cut the pants down to below the pockets

3 I pin the frabric and sew the extra fabric so that the old crotch area is flat ( I use soap to make my markings. its temporary and very visable)

Step 2:

 4 I sew the sleeves together, slowly and carefully so that all the stripes match up

 5 Once all the sleeves are connected, I pin it to the jean skirt And sew it all together.... A skirting is born!

Step 3:

6 Now i cut the two pants legs open and sew them together to make one big piece.

7 I cut a big enough piece to form the back and then I use the rest later to construct the strap and front.

8 I also cut and sew a band that will go around my neck.

9 Pinning on myself is tricky but not impossible. I pin in a few key places and finish the process off myself. Its alot of trial and era. You will see where I had to sew the back seam more then once. In the end I have a great fit. 

Step 4:

10 the front of the dress was made by me folding and pinching the fabric to mold around my chest once I had one side done I sewed it in place and cut off the excess at the bottom where it will attach to the skirting. 

11 The other was made from the rest of the scraps.... Once it ws also sewn into place I trimmed the edge for a neat finish.

 I like that the two sides are not the same. I was so influenced by all the rouging and pin tucking in fashion right now, I hope you enjoyed and thinks for voting for me.

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    Thank you!


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    O wow thanks so much for your vote


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I like the cut, and the bold colourful strips against the denim.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much... I can't wait to actually wear it somewhere.