From Tie to Belt




Fashion rules got'cha all tied up?...Break free and be yourself! 

Learn how to re-purpose a men's tie into a spiffy new belt.

All you will need is:
1. Men's necktie
2. D rings/ belt rings
3. Sewing machine or needle and thread*
4. Fabric shears or scissors

*Contrasting thread was used for the purpose of visibility on this Instructable. Matching shades of thread is suggested.

Step 1: Measure and "Cut the Ties"

1. Take your tie and wrap it around your waist, overlap the wide end 4-6 inches.
2. Insert the small end of the tie through the D rings.
3. Fold over and pin the rings in place.
4. Adjust if necessary. 
5. Cut the tie.

Step 2: Sew Part I

1. Remove the pins and D rings.
2. Fold the cut end about 1/4 inch.
3. Sew by hand or machine.

Step 3: Sew Part II

1. Insert the sewn end through the D ring.
2. Pin and sew.

Step 4: Breaking Free

The textile industry accounts for a large percentage of environmental impacts. The cost of clothing at the store does not include the total cost onto the environment and the effects on those who produce the labor the construct the clothing. Dyes, chemical pesticides and petrochemical use for synthetic fibers to manufacture clothing creates pollution in the air, land and water.  

Consider re-using and re-purposing old clothing into something new. Be cool, be you, and break free!



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