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Need exercise? But not want expensive?.

Ok lets make a hand GYM from trash!! Simple but effective and this is portable, you can use it anywhere . You just pull the rope and release, And repeat the process.

Do you want to make it ?

OK now lets make it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: You Need :

  • A strong spring with a curve on the end
  • Paracord / old belt (i use old belt)
  • A place to set it up

Step 2: The Belt

  • Make sure the belt / paracord is strong if you use it

Step 3: Make It!

  • Make a hole in the belt and insert the 1 end of the spring
  • Make sure it is strong

Step 4: Installation

  • Insert the 2 ends of the spring into the best place you can find like image (i using a metal tip of concrete)
  • Make sure this is strong again

Step 5: Watch the Video!

You just pull the belt and release it. And you just repeat the process

Thanks for look my works

I hope you can make it better than me

Sorry for my bad english :n)

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    2 years ago

    The idea is not bad, but when the spring break or the belt rip, then you have a dangerous problem. You need a backup (pipe or something) or the spring can hurt you.

    I use for fitness tasks guide rollers.

    1 reply