From a Simple Plastic Animal to a Underworld Sugar Skull Creature (Elephant)




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Step 1: Start by Painting the Trunk of the Elephant With Gold Acrylic Metallic Paint

Step 2: Then Paint the Rest of the Body With Black Acrylic Paint

Step 3: Then Make a Circle Around the Eyes With Silver Acrylic Paint

Step 4: Then Draw the Teeth and the Jaw Bone

Step 5: Then Draw the Rest of the Elephant Skull

For a stronger effect keep adding layers of paint creating a thick and irregular texture.

Step 6: Now Draw the Ribs

Try to draw organic shapes from small to large. Is always good to look as reference a real elephant skeleton.

Step 7: Then Draw the Bones of the Legs.

Step 8: Then Decorate As You Wish With Red and Yellow Acrilic Paint

I drew a rose on the front of the skull and dots around the eyes. I also glued a fabric flower behind one of the ears.

Step 9: As a Last Step I Painted the Elephant Tusk With Glow in the Dark Reflective Acrylic Paint

And you're all done!



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    8 months ago

    makes me think of the Grimm from RWBY

    The cloud 1808

    2 years ago

    cool it would be great for the day of the dead


    2 years ago

    Thank you Penolopy! More repainting to come soon