From Drawer to CNC Milling Machine



I was searching  on instructables to make a cheap CNC machine.
I've found several examples and have decided to make one myself with only the parts of a office drawer (Excl. Electronics and Drive).
My old home desk has one I never use so it can't be cheaper by that. With this drawer I've got enough wood to build a basic CNC.
There are 4 Drawer slides voor the X and Y-axis. I'm searching for a rail to manage the Z-axis. 

Question: I want to use a pitch timing belt but I don't know if my motors are strong enough for this.

The info of my motors is: 5Volt / 1Amp / 5ohm / 6,90mH

Holding torque: 304 mN-m  /  43 oz-in    Detent torque: 12 mN-m  /  1.7 oz-in    Rotor inertia: 70g.cm2  /  0.4 oz-in2

See the picture of my drawer cabinet. 

In a few weeks it wil be transformed to a CNC machine.

28-03 2013

An update of my progres. When the CNC will be done I will make an step to step explaination. The drawer is gone and transformed to an basic CNC table. Right now on the photo's you can only see the X axis. The Y axis is almost ready.

I'm also installing the bearings on the threaded rod. The bearings I've got from my old TAX indoor Cycling trainer. When the drawer project is done I will make another CNC of the metal coming from the TAX.

The controller board for the Unipolar motors is coming from for $45,- You can find an instructable of the controller with the following search tags (Parallel Port 3 Axis CNC Driver, Opto-Isolated, Unipolar Steppers by ChromationSystems).Or by clicking this link The power resistors are 25 Watt 10 Ohm to get 5 volt on the motors. This is working like a charm with KCAM.
You can buy a full kit including stepper motors for only $ 70,- Perfect for a simple first time CNC.

Here are some photo's of my status. Next time I will ad an working X-Y-and Z axis.



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