From Pallet To... Batbox!




Introduction: From Pallet To... Batbox!

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With the arrival of the first summer heat, as happens for some years now, the bats are back to hole up in the frame of one of the windows of my house.
This event reminded me that I had lying around a small pallet that I used to make a simple batbox with the materials I had at home.

Realize it was very simple. I just disassembled and reassembled the pallet with nails, cutting the boards to the desired length (screws would be better, but I didn't have the right length... ).
Once I mounted the bottom of batbox, I made the grooves to allow the bats to cling to. I mounted the thickness of 3 cm to create the interior space in which the bats can squeeze and edited the rest.

I'm sorry but I forgot to take some photos so you can't see all the steps :'(

For those who are interested, I attach an audio recording of the bats I did few months ago. The volume is quite low, you'll have to turn up the volume.



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    I have recently built a few bat houses, but had questions about where to install them. I've read that they don't prefer trees, need to be facing the east to get the morning sun, be clear of debris (like limbs, etc.) and be a certain height off the ground. I see you installed yours in a tree, but apparently they took to it. Any other installation tips before I put mine up?

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    As you said, my batbox took the trees. It took because i put it there just for the photo, I haven't installed yet. :|

    Before I searched the internet and I read several articles / pages on how / where to install the batbox and in almost all advised to install it in a little sunny and sheltered from the elements. As regards the height many advised by 4 meters and up.

    I, too, am undecided on where to install it because in my house bats burrow into the frame of a window facing east in a sunny place at a height of about 12 meters (I live on the third floor). I've never found anyone who advised against installing them on the trees. Also because (that I know) would be a bit 'strange because sometimes the bats cower in hollow trees.

    Thanks for replying. I have read that facing it east is best to give them that morning sun. I'll be installing mine soon.

    Great one! Bats are the best anti-mosquito weapon of the planet!!!

    I'm always happy when I see them flying around my balcony ^_^

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    W Bats M mosquitos

    I love to see come out of their ears from the hole for a moment before they take flight. They look around for a moment and then off in flight!