Front Bike Rack





Here is my first instructable and I present you my own front bike rack.

The rack has been tested with two bike packs without any problem, It's normally ok for each 26" fork but only tested with mine.

This construction only uses bike recovery.

You need :

* An old bike (only the rear triangle part)

* four pieces of metal (around 3cm x 2 cm & 2mm) (to attach to rack to your bike)

* a thin tube to join the two first parts

Tube are in steel. The whole thing is not so heavy but strong ;)

Step 1: Build It !

First I cut the rear triangle of the old bike and remove old cables routing or rear part (to attach the wheel at the bike).

Then, I took four pieces of metal to attach the rack at the bike.

I have choosen to attach the rack to the bike at two points : with the wheel axe at the end of the fork and where brakes are fixed to the fork. The main tube of the rack touches also the fork after fixation to the fork.

It's pretty strong ;)

The four pieces to attach the rack have been drilled and abrade correctly.

After fixing each part of the rack (a tube, two pieces) to the bike, I weld it.

The last part was to find a thin tube to joint the two rack part and solidify the base.

I use a bender to adjust perfectly the thin tube to others.

Weld it and it's ready !

Step 2: Paint It and Mount It !

Refresh the painting !

When everything is dry, Paint it and put it up !

Have a nice trip, you can now carry four bike packs ! Two on the front, two on the rear



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    10 Discussions


    2 years ago

    works a treat ,ive just done a 17 mile all terrain ride with my scout troop ,i carried all emergency kit,tool kit ,spare clothing and food for the camp fire on arrival and had no difficulties at all ,and because the bike took the strain my back was ok too ,instead of carrying all in my bergen ,made one for the back as well in total my bike weighed 140lbs and im no light weight either lol

    well done excellent idea


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Screw 2 handlebar horns (whatever u call those things) on the ends of the handlebars leaving a couple cm. of handlebar sticking out each end. Then loop each pack strap around each horn. If the pack still hangs too low, make another twist loop in each strap around its horn. etc. BTW, the 2 horns sticking up replace the need for a work stand. Just flip the bike upside down to rest on the horns and seat.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Hey thislooks cool. im wondering if you can make a instructable or tell me how i can put a backpack on my bike without a storage rack. Thanks


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea for forks that don't have mounting studs for a rack. You could also weld a nut to the bridge over the tire to mount a light if you didn't already have it mounted to the fork crown. Well done!


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    As say in the other comment, not really tested with heavy bags but for two bags normally loaded, it's not a problem !


    3 years ago

    wow this looks fantastic. do you get any sway? any flex with heavy bags?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Not realy tested for this rack but usually if you have back packs and front packs, your bike is more stable. However, you just have to take care of the new equilibrium of your bike.