Urban Porch Garden (aka Getting Creative)

Introduction: Urban Porch Garden (aka Getting Creative)

  1. GET CREATIVE!  My husband, "B", and I have always tried to be creative with how we grow our veggies, herbs, and pretty plants... mostly because of lack of yard space. So each year, we think what to do? We have all winter to think... and think... and think... and we realized you got to get creative! Hang some upside down, plant some in cardboard boxes, put others in pots on the porch, and use railing space if you have it!

  2. GOTTA GET ORGANIZED! The next step is to plan. I can't stress planning enough. Create a blueprint or layout drawing of the area you will be utilizing for your plants. Pick out plants that will thrive in shallow/contained areas (i.e. lettuce). Try not to grow a plant that needs a lot of root space unless the creative juices are particularly flowing that day. B and I grow our veggies in a sequential order, so when a growing season finishes we'll theoretically have a different type of plant to use its space. Our herbs never move unless it's their time to be divided and our flowers are bulbs and in pots that can winter over. (Advice: Make sure to include planning for space where you and at least one other person can sit in the area comfortably...)

  3. GET FAMILIAR! The third step kind of goes hand in hand with planning... be picky and only select one "great challenge" plant. If you love plants you know how difficult it can be to select and and put back, but you have to be choosy especially if you have issues with garden space. One extra thing to include in your blueprint is By getting to know the space you will be gardening it will aid in the selection of plants. Bring your blueprint with you, B and I grow plants that we'll eat and only one "challenge" plant (this year it's watermelon!).

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