Front and Rear Projection VJ Screen / Party Decor

Introduction: Front and Rear Projection VJ Screen / Party Decor

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Today I will be making a screen to project upon or just make your room look awesome. This is a very easy project you will need just a few things: sewing machine, small bungee cords, scissors, and white spandex fabric. Similar screens sell for 3-6 hundred dollars online and cost about 20 bucks to make.

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Step 1: Getting Started

First you will start by measuring the amount of fabric you need (remember to take into account the stretch capacity of the fabric) and cut to size leaving about 1/2" extra on all sides. Fold the fabric over 1/2 " and sew with a wider zigzag pattern to help ensure your hem will not break when the fabric stretches, do this to all sides. I suggest to double stitch all seams they take a lot of abuse.     

Step 2: The Rig Up

Now that we have done the hard part, on to setting it up. There are a few ways to attach these I use bungee cords directly through the fabric, just punch two holes for each bungee cord and slide them through. Start with your corners and see how it looks then add more if needed. Generally use 8 cords on a rectangular VJ screen to get the most room  to project upon. NOTE you can put grommets in the fabric in the spots you are pulling but from my experience the fabric stretches and the grommets fall out, then you are left with big holes in your spandex. You can attach this to anything stable enough to withstand the recoil of the fabric, I just so happened to have a light truss so I used that.     

Step 3: Projection / Decor

The possibilities are endless for décor with fabric so play around. Also play with projecting from the front and the back see what works best for your set up. Have fun be creative and pass it on.  

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