Frontinus Solar Cooling



The new instructable that I'm about to describe is an innovative facial cooling system consisting of a solar-powered fan with batteries of reserve to get the same Sun that at that time is running low, the energy to refresh (which if you think about it is a beautiful revenge).
I thought of exploiting the Sun's energy to power the fan directly without batteries but then I abandoned this option to have a more consistent energy source and that I didn't leave in a shadow area.

Step 1: The Material

 As components I used some parts of four solar led spotlights common procurement, I paid 1 euro each and that I needed more because I had them replaced with a more aesthetically pleasing.
Of these I used: 3 of 4 panels, four rechargeable ni-mn and 1 switch.
The engine fan instead I retrieved from a small recorder walkman 3v while working as I used the static of another video card fan is not running.
I then used as a 1n4007 diode diode safety against reverse voltage panels and PTC resistance of overheat protection by over-charging.

Step 2: Support and Design

 As supporting material I used cellular plastic that I had advanced from a previous job.
I initially data transfer the shape of a normal Hat frontinus on the material by creating the holes going for attempts with pieces placed on the surface until the drawing of the whole it seemed convincing.I then cut the whole thing.
I then started to assemble various components.
First I soldered between their rechargeable batteries, I then assembled the fan stopping Helix (made with a small piece of plastic) and with a little  glue I fixed propeller support.

Step 3: Mounting and Cabling Connections

I then placed the panels in their homes by checking that, as far as possible the wires close to adjacent panels were of opposite polarity to facilitate links.I fixed the switch in venue and I started doing various links helping with very simple schema.
The function of the components is obvious; the diode serves to protect the panels by reverse current from the battery, and the PTC worth 1 ohm (who had recovered from an old battery batteries similar to this), serves to give a minimum of protection to the battery in case of overcharging as coming from the battery same heated, increases its resistance by restricting the flow of current.It was positioned resting above a de accumulators and stopped further with glue.


Step 4: Closing and Testing

 I was that close with a bit of glue Cyanoacrylate glue for holding even at moderate temperatures.
I have attached to the rearmost of frontinus, again using Cyanoacrylate glue glue, an adjustable elastic band with velcro, to wear easily frontino.And here's the final result in photos.I tried the gadget just realized drawing an immediate benefit of air to the face.I found that has considerable autonomy because the engine also consumes a lot and even when the speed starts to fall, exposing to the Sun, it immediately begins to accelerate, albeit with a very slight increase.
I think that soon I'll make a second version of this gadget with some enhancements regarding mainly the support material for better aesthetics.
I must say that from the point of view of how I feel very satisfied.
Thank you all for your attention and I'm well accept tips, and good bye until next summer with my "frontino fan"!!!!!!




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