Frosty the Cheeseman

Introduction: Frosty the Cheeseman

This is a tasty winter treat inspired by Charles Phoenix's Test Kitchen.

I made it with:
  • Grated mozzarella cheese (~400 g)
  • Grated havarti cheese (~400 g)
  • Cream cheese spread (~250 g)
  • 3 dried cayenne peppers
  • 2 black peppercorns
  • 5 red peppercorns

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Step 1: The Balls

  1. I grated the mozzarella and the havarti, mixed them together and then smushed them into balls. I used grated cheese because I thought it would melt better. But grated mozzarella and havarti does not stick together like wet snow. So you might want to try carving a block of cheese into circles and stacking the circles into balls.
  2. I coated the balls with cream cheese spread. I cut thin slices of spread out of the container and then applied the slices with my fingers. It was messy.

Step 2: Stack and Decorate

  1. I looked around for things to make Frosty's face and arms and was delighted to find the cayennes and peppercorns. Using a piece of actual carrot for the nose would be authentic. But you probably wouldn't want to use coal for the eyes and mouth. Some people add top hats and scarfs, but simpler can be better.
  2. After stacking the balls, it really looked like Frosty was going to fall over. So I put a metal skewer through his head down to the bottom and propped him up with a wooden cheese server and a cork.
  3. If you're making Frosty for a dinner party, it's good to make him first so he can keep you company while you make the other dishes.

Step 3: Heat and Eat

  1. We had a cool retro pan that came with a rack that held a sterno can. But the budget sterno substitute we bought would not stay lit.
  2. So, we started the melting on the stove.
  3. Then we moved the pan to on top of a heating element for a crock pot.
  4. Charles Phoenix used an electric skillet.
  5. We served Frosty with crackers and slices of French bread.
  6. He was very popular and kept his smile to the end.

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