Frozen Basil Bullets




I always wind up with tons on Basil over the summer which I make up into Pesto and freeze in ice cube trays for use over the winter. This year I still have Pesto from last summer. What to do with the plethora of Basil growing???..... Frozen Basil Bullets! Fresh chopped up Basil frozen in plug/bullet shaped ice cube tray. I love this tray because you can easily push the frozen yummies out by pushing the buttony bottom of the trays. Other trays tend to crack on me.

Step 1: Grow It & Pick It

So first you have to grow (or buy) a lot of Basil. This year I am growing Sweet Basil and Purple Basil. Once you have a bunch of good leaves, pick them!

Step 2: Wash It & Chop It.

I use any leaf so if the bugs have been munching on it or laying eggs on it, you might really want to give it a good wash. I then pat dry it but not to dry. You need the water to help the chopped Basil to stick together while freezing

Step 3: Load in to a Handy Ice Cube Tray

So take your ground up, slightly damp Basil and stuff it in to the tray pockets. you can stuff a little or a lot. Put it in the freezer until frozen.

Step 4: Basil Bullets!

Once frozen, pop them out and store them in a plastic bag in the freezer until needed.



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      8 Discussions


      10 years ago on Introduction

      it works really well to make a big batch of pesto minus the cheese, and use the same method of freezing cubes...


      10 years ago on Introduction

      Put 'em on sticks and serve them as appetizers. Everything is better on a stick.


      10 years ago on Introduction

      hmmm bullets eh? Make the molds .22mm musket size and shoot them at stuff :D


      10 years ago on Introduction

      I love this idea. Just popping one of those into a soup or sauce would be amazing! :D