Frozen Bread Won't Break

Introduction: Frozen Bread Won't Break

Often when you want to break a few slices from a loaf of frozen bread, one of the slices will break in half. This happens with regular frozen bread, but even more with gluten-free bread. There is a simple solution.

I've made dividers to fit in the loaf before it goes into the freezer. I've made mine out of an old plastic milk carton, but I'm sure this will work if made from a waxed milk carton. What ever you decide to use, make sure it's food grade and washable.

When you want to take a few slices of bread from your frozen loaf, you can just take up to your divider and no broken slices. I like to divide them about every four slices. They defrost very quickly and no stale or moldy bread since I only take out what I need.

When you cut the dividers, make sure you round the corners so they won't tear through the plastic bread bag.

That's all there is too it. Enjoy.

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    5 years ago

    So simple and a great way to reuse plastic milk jugs. I'm thinking to reuse it for homemade meat patties