Frozen Burger Bash

Introduction: Frozen Burger Bash

A hammer is the new essential kitchen tool.
  • Frozen patties, beef, soy, turkey, like to stick together.
  • Wrap your hammer in foil so you do not have to clean it later.
  • Place a cutting board on some hot pads or a folded dish towel.
  • Stand the burgers on edge.
  • Wham! Split and ready to cook as desired.



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    2 Discussions

    A title like "Split frozen burgers with ease" would have caught my eye even sooner. What is that a steel ruler, should that be inserted near the edges of the burger?

    Thank you, believe it or not, this is a helpful idea for the raw food frozen patty diet for dogs. (natures variety and stellas chewies)...they are hard to get apart sometimes, I think the sink is tired of me rapping them against the sink...