Frozen Burrito Enchiladas




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This is super easy and delicious.

It is a family favorite and perfect for those nights when you want a nice dinner with minimal prep time.

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need.

A bag of your favorite frozen burritos,i used steak and cheese chimichangas.

1-2 cans of las palmas green enchilada sauce. Medium. If you dont like green sauce you can use red .

1 can of diced green chilies.

Shredded cheese. I used colby jack. You can use whatever you like.

1 can sliced olives.

Sour cream for finishing.

Can opener

Baking pan

Step 2: Assembling

Pre heat oven to 350.

Open burritos put in pan. For this instructible im showing a small pan .

Open the cans and add olives and green chilies, then pour enchilada sauce over burritos

Add a layer of shredded cheese.

Step 3: Cook and Serve

Cook for 40-45 minutes, when done let cool for 10-15 minutes.

Once cool add sour cream if you like.Then eat and enjoy!



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    2 years ago

    I love this idea , as I love those frozen burritos. You have earned all 3 votes from me for the various contests! GOOD LUCK AND GOOD JOB

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