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One of my favorite carnival/fair treats is the frozen chocolate banana, however I feel that the price at these events is leaning towards crazy. A while back I was determined to make some myself, and while getting a bowl of ice cream, it came to me... chocolate shell!

It hardens on ice cream, why not a chilled banana? I gave it a go, and here is how I did it.


Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:

Ripe bananas (as straight as you can find)
Kebab skewers
Magic Chocolate Shell (store bought or homemade
Aluminum foil/ wax paper/ parchment paper
A bowl (preferably one with corners or a pour spout)
A spoon

Step 2: Prep

First you will need to peel your bananas, I'm only going to do one here for simplicity's sake.

Then you'll want to insert your skewer about two thirds of the way into your banana (my straight one broke in half inside the peel, so I had to get a replacement, not very straight). I use another skewer to judge approximately where the tip is.

Then place your banana on your tray and covering of choice.

Step 3: Time to Chill

Now, waiting...

Put your bananas in the freezer for about thirty minutes or until it's nearly frozen. You don't want it frozen solid, just cold enough that it will harden the chocolate later on.

When it's almost time to take them out, pour your chocolate shell into your bowl, and have a spoon ready. Don't forget to shake/mix your chocolate, because whether it's homemade or store bought, it contains oil, and things that contain oil separate over time if it's left untouched.

Step 4: Coating

Now, remove fruit from freezer, and one at a time place the banana into the bowl, and use the spoon to coat.

Once the first coat hardens, feel free to add a second.

Then if you're doing more than one, place banana onto your papered or foiled surface and grab the next.

After that, more waiting. Put the bananas back into the freezer for about another ten minutes.

Step 5: Finished

Congratulations! Your frozen treats are now finished!

Remove from freezer as needed and enjoy.

Watch out for the tips.

NOTE: If small children will be enjoying these I suggest cutting bananas in half (skewers too) and cutting off sharp tips with scissors.

Thank you for sitting through my first instructable!

FINAL NOTE: Returning any extra chocolate to bottle or storage container is up to you, the reason I use square bowls is because it's easier to pour.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Usually I just get frozen bananas at the Bluth Banana Stand, but this would be nice to try the next time the stand burns down or whatever.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    there's always money in the banana stand


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is to hard. I'll pay someone to make this for me


    Just to clarify, did you mean that if I didn't cover the whole banana, would the banana go brown? That I don't know, I think the freezing would sort of halt the browning process, but I've never left them long enough to see :)


    Sorry about this but I posted that before I looked at the instructable. HEHE. Anyway, I meant that if you put the banana in the fridge would it go brown, I think it only happens when you leave the skin on, because it has happened to me, I should test. But do you have any idea?


    Oh, in the fridge. Yeah, I think it would. My nephew likes to peel bananas and not finish them, then he sticks them in the fridge and they turn. I just prefer the freezer because it makes them a little harder as well so that when you turn them this way and that to coat, your banana doesn't slip and twist with gravity.


    Sounds good, just so you know, all freezers are different, mine was actually set kinda high, so it wasn't as cold as I'd have liked. Check your temperature if you find you have the same problem, lower it if you need to.


    Tastes like banana icecream then mixed with chocolate icecream ( it doesn't taste that good with icecream) The banana is heaven with chocolate. 5* Post more recipes soon, I'll subscribe.

    TheGeek1984pie popper

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You could, that's what I did the first time, but you'll still need a bowl. And I ended up using the chocolate that dripped off to finish coating.