Frozen Decorations!!

Introduction: Frozen Decorations!!

About: I'm a mom and wife! I like doing crafts and being creative. Always looking for new projects to do! And always on budget!

I made MOST of this from extra jars and extra hosing supplies! Very easy

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Step 1: If You Have Questions on Anything

Just ask, to achieve the first class princess look in just shopped at yard sales!

Step 2: The Games Are Homemade

Out of 2x4s and cardboard, I drew and cut out Olaf, painted him and used a spray adhesive to make the glitter stay, probably can't see in picture but I used black glitter for his mouth and buttons and white around the edges. Snowball toss game, 2x4 and small plastic planters, I spray painted ombré and Hun from 2x4s

Step 3:

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    5 years ago

    Ty! We had a blast!!! Frozen party in summer !!