Frozen Drunken Grapes

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Ignite and cool

Step 1: Ignite and Cool

Planning a party? then this recipe will help you cool off on a hot evening and at the same time shake your spirits. Recipe for frozen "Drunken Grapes" You can also experiment with different fruits and different alcohol. I give an example and a recipe for frozen "Drunken grapes" This is a classic recipe that can be changed to your liking.

Step 2: Recipe for Frozen "Drunken Grapes"

Ingredients for frozen Drunken Grapes: grapes - 2.5 glasses, white wine - 2 glasses, sugar - 1/2 cup. The method of preparation of frozen "drunken grapes”: -2 glasses of your favorite white wine mix well with 1/4 glass of sugar. -add grapes. -close the container with a lid and refrigerate for 12 hours so that the grapes can soak up the wine. -after a while, the grapes must be removed from the container and let it dry for a while. -the remaining wine can be used for cocktails. -Pour the remaining sugar on a plate. -Roll grapes in sugar. -Put the grapes on a plate, cover with parchment and put in the freezer for 3-4 hours. Enjoy drunk cooling!

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