Frozen Elsa Make-Up and Hair

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Step 1: Prep

It is a good idea to get your hair out of your face before applying your make-up. First, put on your foundation. Then, if you prefer, apply facial concealer to any and/or all flaws.

Step 2: Eyes

In the movie Frozen, Elsa was wearing purple and fuchsia/hot-pink eye-shadow. For the purple, I am using Urban Decay Volume 11 eye-shadow in Ecstasy, and for the fuchsia I am using the same eye-shadow palette in Sphynx. Cover your lid with a strong layer of purple. Add a heavy stripe of fuchsia above the purple layer. Apply a heavy layer of mascara and, according to Elsa's appearance in the movie, do not apply any eye-liner.

Step 3: Lip-Stick

Apply a layer of raspberry lip-stick. Paint over it with shiny lip-gloss.

Step 4: Hair

Elsa wears her hair in a side braid. Sweep your hair back and twist so it naturally flows over your shoulder, then braid it.



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Elsa doesn't wear her hair in a side braid, she wears it in a texturized french braid


    4 years ago

    @achavez17 yeah I think I did have a black eye then


    4 years ago

    you look like you got a black eye