Frozen Irish Coffee

This is a simple recipe

I hate single serving recipes so this one serves 4!  or just you if your having one of those days...


Step 1: Step 1 the Blending

4 cups of Vanilla ice cream (I use bryer natural vanilla bean)
1/2 cup Kaloha  (for a strong coffee flavor ) or 1/4 cup for a calmer flavor 
1/2 cup of milk (I use lactaid, lactose free milk)
1/4 cup balieys irish cream
3 tbs creme de mint (optional)

blend for 1 minute

Step 2:

pour into serving glass

garnish the top with instant coffee grounds (your favorite flavor of course)


Step 3: Alternate

Mixed all the ingredients together except the milk and blend well
let sit over night in the freeze (this is where the eddy's soft ice cream comes in handy)

When ready to serve add milk and mix again. 

I feel it gives everything a richer flavore



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