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Introduction: Frozen Kristoff Guitar

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Wanting to make a Kristoff costume, I had to find different accessories for him. One of those was his guitar. It was shown during the lullaby "duet" Kristoff and Sven and when Anna tries to hit the wolves with it during "the chase"! *Note* this guitar does not work for real. Let's get started!

Step 1: Blueprints

My first thought of it

Step 2: Gather the Materials

Exacto knife
Hot glue gun
Lots of hot glue sticks
Tan Duct Tape
Black Duct Tape
Grey Duct Tape
Yellow Duct Tape

Step 3: Tear Drops on My Guitar

First get the basic design on the main base.
Sort if like a teardrop with a handle. Next trace it on a price of cardboard and cut it out with a exacto knife.

Step 4: The Other Side

Luckily I have a small guitar and a violin and for those who don't have one just look at the pictures till you have a decent shape. Trace it on your cardboard cut it out and glue it to your base in the position you want it. Do the same thing to the other side.

Step 5: Making the Top

Take a piece of scrap cardboard and roll it and glue it on to the side pieces. Cut off the part not glued.

Step 6: Just Roll With It

This part was the most challenging I had to figure out a way to make that roll thing on top of a violin onto cardboard. After 10 minutes of detaching glued parts of cardboard I figured out to glue 1/3 of the two cardboard scraps and roll it then glue it again to place. Attach it to the neck of the guitar and make sure to hold it in place. Trace the sides and glue them into place.

Step 7: Making the Bottom Skeleton

So to make this its sort of like a skeleton. Take strips of the cardboard, roll them up and glue one big starter line. Make smaller versions of that and glue them to the base line.

Step 8: Make It Sturdy

So the place where the base and the neck of the guitar meet is flimsy so add pieces of small cardboard to it to hold in its place.

Step 9: Covering With Duct Tape

Start covering with tan duct tape.

Step 10: Details

Make different designs. I'm planning to make a green flower decoration at the bottom. And I added hot glue in the lines if the neck of the guitar. I also added a string line starter thing at the end and also a black duct tape circle in the middle.

Thank you for checking out my instructable and please comment. What's your favorite frozen song mines is Love's an Open Door and my favorite 2 deleted songs are we know better and life's to short.

Until next time ......



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    I dont have a Walmart near me i git mine at the dollar store but apparently they only sell it for a limited time!

    Walmart has some
    Duct tape

    Dear insructables,
    Can you please accept that people have to be 12 and under at some time. You cannot be born when you are 13. Please take this into consideration when updating your app and web sight. Thank you
    -all the people under 13

    Yeah they wouldn't except 12 and sure! The place where they sell the colored duct tape I used they don't sell it anymore I'm just trying to find some more!

    It says you are 32 in your bio! Umm..

    Cool! but can we see finished product?

    I am but they are going to be in there own separate instructables

    Without being patronising, that's a pretty good effort. To be honest I knew to what you were referring to and wouldn't know a guitar from a trombone so don't listen to all the other pedantic comments. To me it looks like a guitar. Are you going to do his costume as well?

    Sorry but this is actually a mandolin sorry for the confusion.

    It's either a mandolin or a lute, not a guitar

    I'm not certain but I'm pretty sure that's a Mandolin