Frozen Tropical Custard



Introduction: Frozen Tropical Custard

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What is the best part about living in a hot climate? If you ask me, it's all about fruit. My friend Anusha and I made some really great fruit custard the other day. For this recipe you'll need lots of fruit, custard mix, milk, condensed milk and some sugar.

Step 1: Chop Chop

Start by chopping your fruits into small pieces. It looks nice to leave the fruit in layers, but in our case, it got pretty mixed when we added the custard mix and milk.

Step 2: More Fruit

Fill the bowl almost to the top with chopped fruit.

Step 3: Custard Mix

On the stove, heat up 250ml of milk, and add in the custard mix and sugar to taste.

Step 4: Pour

After about a minute of heating pour the custard mix over the chopped fruit.

Step 5: Dates, Rasins and Nuts

I highly recommend adding some nuts and dried fruit to the mix at this point.

Step 6: Freeze and Enjoy

Throw the whole mix in the freezer over night and prepare yourself for a truly delicious treat in the morning.

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