Frozen Water Balloon ICE Ball Cool Science Experiment

Introduction: Frozen Water Balloon ICE Ball Cool Science Experiment

Cool and easy science experiment using water for kids. Only 3 ingredients needed and you probably have these at home already!

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Step 1: Things You Need:

Balloons (standard size)



food coloring


Step 2: Easy Step by Step Directions:

Fill up a balloon with water ( I filled mine up in the kitchen sink) Put it in the freezer overnight. Next day take it out and rip off the balloon (it will come off easily). Then you place it in a tray and pour salt over it and wait for a few minutes. You should hear some cracking while the salt is creating craters and tunnels. Finally drop a few drops of food coloring on the top and like magic, watch the color run through the channels on the ice ball. Try using different colors, we only had blue, green and little bit of red so thats what we used but try experimenting with other colors to see the work of art!! It's so fun! My 2 year old son loved it! I have a youtube channel for him called "JordansAdventuresandToys" in which we do experiments, explore theme parks and playgrounds, toy reviews and more. Stop by to say hello:)

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