Frugal Wall Art

Introduction: Frugal Wall Art

Using Styrofoam, fabric, a stapler, and straight pins, I give you my Frugal Wall Art Tutorial.

Step 1: Fit Fabric to Styrofoam

First, gather supplies:

- Styrofoam, as many pieces as you like...four, or six, whatever you like. I found mine in our garage in an empty DVD box.

- Fabric, choose two or three colors. Currently, I am in love with the chocolate brown/powder blue/creamy white combination. Our walls are already creamy white...thus, my desperation for some color on the wall. We rent, so no painting (and the reason I used straight pins).

- Stapler with staples. A simple office stapler will do the trick.

- Scissors for cutting the fabric to the right size.

- Iron for ironing the fabric. Always, always, always iron your fabric.

- You may need a sharp knife to make your Styrofoam even or flat. I used a steak knife. It worked just fine and cleaned up easily.

Step One: Fit Fabric to Styrofoam (iron fabric before stapling)

Step 2: Iron & Staple

Step Two: Iron & Staple

See it at Comfort Joy DesignsComfort Joy Designs

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    Jeremy B
    Jeremy B

    11 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sorry, but I think just doesn't look very good at all.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I really tried to find something to like, but I'm afraid I'll have to concur. Keep your day job, mate.