Fruit Basket




Introduction: Fruit Basket

Reuse, recycle, something new from something old.

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Step 1: Materials

thirteen double size newspaper pages, scissors, a glue stick and a glue gun with glue sticks, some bobby pins or bag clips, paint (your choice) and a paint brush.

Step 2: From

the longest side fold one inch alongside each page over and over to make a paper stick.

Step 3: When

finish folding glue alongside.

Step 4: Arrange

seven newspaper sticks in a circle.

Step 5: Put

some clips or bobby pins to prevent them from moving.

Step 6: Take

one of every other newpaper stick and hold it upright.

Step 7: Take

one extra newspaper stick and wrap around the ones holding upright, glue the ends together and clip it for a while.

Step 8: Fold

down the ones upright and pick up the ones laying down, then wrap around another paper stick, glue and clip it as before. Do one more working in the same manner.

Step 9: Adorn

the basket with a fancy ending, folding the end of the paper stick to the left, press with your fingers to make a mark and release.

Step 10: Fold

now to the right and fold down where it was marked forming a triangle.

Step 11: Run

this part all the way in between the pockets formed.

Step 12: This

is how it looks once finished crossing the paper sticks.

Step 13: Glue

together three newspaper sticks to form the handle.

Step 14: Let

run the extremes in between the layers all the way trough.

Step 15: Hide

the end part at the bottom of the basket.

Step 16: Paint

your favorite color. Of course chocolate brown is my favorite.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! love this 'ible think I'll make one in the next week or two!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I am glad you like it.. Thank you for your comment