Fruit Flies a Problem? Here's a Simple Way to Make a Fruit Fly Trap for Your Bar

About: Welcome to the only Online Bartending Resource you will ever need to visit again. From Bartending Basics, Bartending Tips, Tricks and Insider Secrets to Drink Recipe Video Tutorials to Bar Tricks, Bar Jokes...  Fruit flies can be a problem when it starts getting warm out.  Having fruit sitting behind the bar all day is sure to bring those pesky little flies.  Not only are they an annoyance, they can give the impression of a dirty bar and can get into liquor bottles and end up in customer's drinks (now that's embarrassing).  

Watch the video for a quick and easy fruit fly trap that you can make with the items you already have in your bar.  Keep a trap close to the fruit trays and they should keep away the majority of those little pests.  

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    4 years ago

    We have the same basic concept of a glass with pkastic wrap except we use about an ounce of sweet vermouth behind our bar. It makes for a disgusting slaughter of the little buggers. The best thing is that the sweet vermouth disolves the little bodies in a couple of days. After about 3-5 days you wind up with a thick slime in the bottom of the glass. For some reason this disgusting ooze makes them all bonkers and dozens can be seen stuck to the surface. We then refresh with a bit more vermouth and before long the problem isnt a problem anymore.

    Fruit Fly Bar Pro is a silent, odorless, colorless killer that attacks and treats the problem area at its source. With each treatment lasting for up to 4 months and allowing your restaurant or bar to remain open for business while treating. Checkout this video of real reviews from business owners and managers!

    Fruit Fly Bar Pro is not just a treatment for flies, but it is a complete insect control for non-flying pests such as spiders and silverfish too!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I've got them all up in my potted plants. I'm going to try it and see how it goes. Hopefully they'll like the fruit more than the plants. I noticed they really go after a leftover glass of port, that might make a good bait as well

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I had a half-empty bottle of cheap dry vermouth. The cap became damaged, so the bottle didn't seal completely, but I covered the bottle with this cap that was more of a hat. During a home kitchen infestation of fruit flies, this simple liquid lured them very quickly, and the high alcohol content in the liquid instantly doomed any fruit flies that touched it. I strongly recommend a small amount of any wine instead of fruit. 1 bottle of dry Gallo and 4 other empty bottles in which to distribute... It could go a long way.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey cool video. was very informative. I Have a website that is helpful with this topic however I don't have anything to do with bartering but it has helpful tips on getting rid of fruit flies so it will add value to your page.
    Hope it helps.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Good one! And then, as you trap more and more fruit flies you can feed them to your chickens, and then sell chicken meat, eggs, and feathers to your customers, who will eat, get thirsty, and buy more drinks. Now you have a complete ecosystem!

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    I'm not sure about feeding them to the chickens in the rest of the world, but I wouldn't dare tempt the Taiwanese here with that offer. A bar and market in one? It'd be all the rage.

    Getting rid of the fruit flies does pose an interesting problem. They are not that easy to kill. Freezing is not recommended as many will come back to life after they thaw out. Microwaving them works but keep an eye on them - it'll only take seconds.

    If all that fails, its back to the chickens....