Fruit Hanger (Dorm Life)

Introduction: Fruit Hanger (Dorm Life)

With no space to spare as a college student in the dorms, I decided my fruit was not worthy of desk space. It had to be hung.

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Step 1: Requirements

A. about 3 feet of string. I happened to have hemp.
B. any fruit, round fruit works too, sorta
C. Something to hang a string on

Step 2: The Noose

You'll need about 3 feet of string to tie the noose. Double up the string and twirl it a little so that two strands become one. Tie the nose at one end, and a simple knot or another noose at the other end. I'm going to link to another instructable  for the noose. I did not loop around too many times to look authentic, just enough to work. Now just hang your find something to hang your string around and lynch your fruit. 

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