Fruit Trifle



So here is one of the very famous British dessert . Its a layer of three types of desserts , each layer with a different fab taste.

It tastes lovely if you try making this at home.

By making at home i mean , All three layers of the trifle are home made which really makes this recipe far a level ahead of what we do while getting the layers from supermarket.

Do enjoy making this recipe and enjoy having it.

Step 1: Ingredients


1. Home made cake ( any kind sponge or normal chocolate cake)

2. Fruits chopped ( Blue berries, apples and bananas)

3. Custard powder- 21/2 tbsp

4. Milk- 1 lt

5. Sugar-9 - 11 tbsp ( if you don't prefer much sweet add only 8 )

6. Jelly pack- 1( i am using strawberry jelly)

7.Water - 400 to 450 ml ( written on pack of jelly that you buy)

8. Cardamom powder- 1/2 to 1 tsp

Step 2: Method


Start with boiling the water and add the jelly powder in it. Now pour it in a dish and allow it to cool at room temperature for some time , after sometime you may keep it in the fridge to chill. Now boil the milk around 850 to 900 ml and add in the cardamom powder and sugar , leave it on low flame , till then add in a separate bowl the left over milk that is 100 to 150 ml of milk and add custard powder and mix well .

When the custard powder is completely dissolved in the milk add this custard mixture to boiling milk . mix every thing well , you will see that your milk is getting thick and that's where is the sign that your custard is ready.

Now pour the custard in a bowl and let it cool in room temperature , after sometime you may keep in the fridge same as the jelly ,to chill. After the custard and jelly are cool and chill , start assembling the trifle.before starting the building of the trifle add the bananas and the apples to the custard.

Now... Keep the cake pieces at the base layer it with the custard . Now add the blue berries on top of the custard and layer the top with the jelly.... It ready to serve ...Eat n Enjoy



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