Fruits Salad With Low Fat Chocolate and Mango Cream

Introduction: Fruits Salad With Low Fat Chocolate and Mango Cream

It's not just a Fruits salad plate its HFEFLD :D
Healthy , Fresh , Easy preparing , Fast , Low cost and Delicious fruit salad that you must try it yourself

Watch the VIDEO it sum up a lot

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Step 1: Ingredients and Kitchen Tools

Apple (200gm)

Banana (200gm)

guava (200gm)

strawberry (200gm)

Mango concentrated juice (100 ml)

Low fat Whipped topping powder (120 gm)

Choco Rice (60 gm)

cocoa powder (50 gm)

zero-fat Milk (150 ml)

Sugar (3 Large spoons)

Kitchen tools

Electric mixer or food processor


Large glass pot

knife and spoon

Step 2: Chocolate , Vanilla and Mango Cream Preparing

1) Add all of Whipped topping powder

2) Add sugar

3) Use half the quantity of milk

4) Start mixing with the lower speed

5) Increase the speed gradually till the cream become thick

6) Add more milk if needed while mixing

7) Divide the vanilla cream into 3 portion

8) Add cocoa powder for one of the 3 portion and mix them with low speed

9) Add concentrated mango Juice for the second portion and mix them with low speed (you need to add more of cream powder if it needed)

Step 3: Adding 3 Cream Layers

1) Add chocolate cream with choco rice a thick layer as chocolate will be much delicious

2) Add vanilla cream layer and spread it using spatula

3) Add mango cream layer it is much smooth and spread easily

Step 4: Adding Fruits

1) Place banana slices over mango cream

2) Then Apple pieces

3) Strawberry

4) Guava

Or any other ordering

Step 5: Finishing

1) make a well at the middle till you reach the mango cream layer

2) pour some of chocolate cream and vanilla cream

3) Add some choco rice at the top

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    That looks delicious. I might try to make this for the Thanksgiving potluck.