Fruity Flax Smoothy

Introduction: Fruity Flax Smoothy

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This afternoon, Peter & I were a bit hungry. I wanted to make a fruit smoothy & added some broken flaxseed to make it more filling & healthier. This delicious smoothy looked like the kind of smoothies we all had to eat or drink when we were kids. It looked like better food smoothies, which I didn’t like to eat when I was at a very young age.

Betterfood from the brand Lu, were the kind of dry cookies that moms & dads used to mix into home-made fruit smoothies, to enrich the smoothy. I didn’t like it all & always spat out my smoothy. Yikes! You have to know that was for me about 35-40 years ago. Ha!
So, this version is way better for me, healthier & more tasty too! With the flaxseed mixed into the fruit smoothy, it resembles the mixed better food cookies Enjoy!

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Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients!

Recipe: For 2 big smoothies that vegan & gluten-free too! :)


2 very ripe bananas, peeled & each cut up into 2

4 smaller fresh ripe kiwi’s, peeled & each cut up into 2

2 fresh clementines, peeled, cut up into segments

2 tablespoons broken flaxseed

300 ml unsweetened soy milk

Step 2: Method: Blend!

Take your Vitamix container or blender & add all ingredients in this order in it. Place fitted lid & tamper in & blend on high-speed & on full power for about 10-15 seconds using the tamper to push ingredients into running blades. Pour into 2 larger smoothy glasses & enjoy instantly with a loved one! :) You can really taste the banana, kiwi & clementine with a nutty hint of flaxseed! Yum Yum!

You can also find this tasty recipe here on my blog:

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