Fruity Pebble Treats




Introduction: Fruity Pebble Treats

In making this dessert you will need

1. Margarin (butter)

2. Marshmallow

3.Fruity Pebbles



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Step 1: Butter the Pan

When you have all the materials listed above, get your pan and put it on the stove. Before cooking anything make sure to butter your pan so that the marshmallow doesn't stick.

Step 2: Adding the Marshmallow

After the butter is melted place a cup of marshmallows in the pan. When the marshmallow is nearly to the point of being completely melted add another cup in until you reach the right amount of marshmallow you need.

Step 3: Mixing in Fruity Pebbles

When you finally reach the right amount of marshmallow you desire, pour in the fruity pebbles by half cups. Next when the amount of fruity pebbles you want are in the marshmallow, mix them together.

Step 4: Placing in the Pan

Now begin to take the mixture out of the pan and pour into another pan or mold of your choice. After you have poured the entire mixture into the second pan, place it into the fridge and let sit for 2 hours.

Step 5: Enjoy!

After two hours is up and the dish is cooled down, cut into any shape you desire and enjoy!

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