Fruity Salad

Introduction: Fruity Salad

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I have a lot of fruits in my garden & needed to use them up. I looked what I had in my pantry & made this lovely Seasonal Fruity Salad! Join me! :)

Recipe: For 4 persons


1 ripe cavaillon melon, peeled, deseeded, cut up into parts

organic smoked ham, thinly sliced

3 fresh big juicy tomatoes, from the garden, sliced

a big handful of fresh blueberries, from the garden

2 handfuls of fresh red currants, from the garden

fresh strawberries, from the garden, each hulled & cut up into 2

4 big bunches of fresh salad leaves, like friséé, rocket, red oarch leaves, … straight from the garden, well washed & spun dry

a fruity extra virgin olive oil

Step 1: Assemble & Eat!

Take 4 large plates & place a mix of the fresh salad leaves in the middle of each plate. Arrange about 3-4 tomato slices on the outside of the salad. In the middle, you place 2 -4 melon slices. Arrange the smoked ham slices loosely on top of them. Place your strawberry pieces & blueberries around the plate, the way you like it!

Scatter your red currants on the plate too, but not too much! You don’t want too much sourness on your plate! Just before serving, drizzle a few drizzles of that fruity extra virgin olive oil all over the top of each plate! Enjoy with loved one’s! MMM!

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