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This is what Fruitylicious looks like after it is made!!

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Step 1: Ingredients/Utensils

These are all of the ingredients you will need to make the fruit salad!

Watermelon, banana, 2 kiwis, strawberries, apple, pineapple, and honey!

Utensils- Knife, spoon, and cutting board!

Step 2: Cutting the Fruit!

After you have all of the fruit and all of the utensils you need to cut up all of the fruit!

Step 3: Mixing Ingredients Into the Bowl!

Now, after you have all of the fruit cut up you are going to add all of the fruit into a bowl, then you will mix in a little bit of honey!

Step 4: Fruitylicious Is Ready to Eat!

Now that Fruitylicious is in the bowl, it is ready to eat! Enjoy!

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