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Introduction: Frying Pan Pizza

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Frying Pan pizza is a classic technique to achieve a great quality pizza without the use of a wood burning stove or industrial oven as conventional ovens don't give off the necessary heat to cook pizza properly.The technique involves heating a pan over a hot (gas) hob until the base of the pizza is crispy and then transferring to the grill to cook the pizza on top and melt the cheese properly.In this video recipe we are cooking the pizza on a new charcoal grill from THÜROS which produces heat above the grill and in an oven space below.For the dough recipe please visit my perfect pizza dough link:… For the toppings use tomato passata sauce (add olive oil and chopped oregano and reduce over heat to further flavour) along with whatever you prefer on your pizza - really you can go to town here.Cook the base on top of the heat until it starts to brown (it will continue a little after you remove it from the heat) this should be around 2-3 mins on a hot heat.Once the cheese is added last, move to the lower oven/grill and leave to crisp up and for the cheese to melt for another 2-3 minutes.Cut the pizza on a chopping board, it's best served hot but do be careful as the tomato and cheese can be extremely hot straight out of the pan!

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    4 years ago

    Where can I buy that Thuros grill in the USA ?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi, really sorry for delay. You can email and they can ship to US, about $200 + freight.