Fudge Mint Cookies




Introduction: Fudge Mint Cookies

This instructable was made for the cookie contest (please vote for me!) and I hope you enjoy it. This recipe is totally kid-friendly, a great and quick thing to do at parties or sleepovers. These cookies taste like girl scout cookies only better, you'll never be able to tell they are made with ritz.

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Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

Your ingedients:
-Ritz crackers
-Almond Bark (you can find this at Walmart or any other grocery store)
-Ande's Creme De Menthe Baking Chips

The supplies needed:
-Aluminum Foil or Wax paper either works
-A medium sized bowl (or bigger depending on how much chocolate your using, med. works for the whole bar)
-A kitchen knife
-2 drying racks (maybe more or less depending on how many cookies you want to make)
-A spatula
-And a microwave

Step 2: Cut Up the Chocolate for Melting

The chocolate needs to be cut into the pre-sectioned squares it comes in. After you do that put it into your bowl and microwave according to the melting directions on the back of your Almond Bark. Melt until the chocolate is at a smooth consistency.

Step 3: Dip Your Ritz

First cover your drying rack(s) in whatever you chose (wax paper or alum. foil).  Then drop a ritz into the bowl of chocolate and flip it around with the tongs. This should completely cover the cracker with chocolate.

Step 4: Almost Finished!

Plop the almost finished cookies on your drying rack. It's ok if you get chocolate everywhere,  that's what the foil/paper is for. Now for decoration and mint-ifying! 1) Pour some of the Ande's in a small bowl. 2)Let the cookies dry for about a min. or 2 (if you put the Ande's on too early or too soon they will melt or they won't stick). 3)Sprinkle on your mint chips and voila, you have beautiful mint fudge cookies.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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