Fudge Mint Ice Cream

Introduction: Fudge Mint Ice Cream

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Hello, I've been craving a good ice cream! Vanilla is okay but it gets boring after a while. I saw some grasshoppers in the pantry and leftover vanilla ice cream in the freezer, do I made this!

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Step 1: Ingredients

1. Keebler grasshoppers 2. Vanilla ice cream 3. Mixer. 4. Ice cream scoop 5. Cutting board. Sorry for not making a list, I do not know how to.

Step 2: Cut the Cookies

Now is the time to take out that cutting board! Put six grasshoppers on the board and chop or crush them, your choice.

Step 3: Prepare the Ice Cream

Put 2 scoops if ice cream in your mixer. Add your cookies, then mix for 30 seconds. But if you like it creamier, do it for 45 seconds.

Step 4: Freeze

Put in the freezer for 1hour if you like your ice cream stiff. Tip: Freeze with the spoon in the ice cream, it makes it taste better.

Step 5: Eat It Up

Once you taste it, you love it! Well, for me that's what that tasting moment was like. It's soo good though! Anyways happy eating!!

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