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Introduction: Full Auto Airsoft Gun

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Hey guys, this is my first instructable! Make sure you read the whole thing before building because i backtrack a bit. Comment on improvements or flaws and enjoy. Check out my airsoft grenade instructable at https://www.instructables.com/id/Airsoft_Grenade_5/ A Fully Automatic Gun that can shoot 6mm BB's. I actually haven't done this yet, but it should work. IF it does.... I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACCIDENTS OR INJURIES THAT MAY OCCUR WHEN USING THIS GUN, AND I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT MAKE THIS GUN.

Step 1: Materials

The gun consists of a wooden frame, a 9v battery, a 9v motor, a 7mm tube that won't bend easily (I'm going to choose aluminum), a wooden trigger, wire, a small wheel, a wooden clip, electrical tape, 6mm BB's, a drill with a 7mm bit, some hinges, a spring, and some aluminum foil.

Step 2: The Insides

Here's a diagram of roughly what the gun should look like. You don't have to have two handles. I forgot to add a door for the batteries to be switched out, which would make life easier.

Step 3: Frame

Take a piece of wood and carve it into a gun shape. Make it wide so that the components can fit inside. Then take a 7mm drill and drill through the spot where you will shoot, almost all the way to the other side of the block. Once you do that, cut it in half so that there are two symmetrical gun shaped pieces. After that, take each piece and cut some of the bulk off of the inside while keeping the edges the way they are (it's hard to describe, so look at the picture).

Step 4: Battery Hole!

Cut a hole a bit bigger than a 9v battery into the handle of the gun and keep the piece of wood. Take a hinge and attach it to the gun and the piece of wood so that it swings open and closed (don't worry about it swinging open, you'll be holding it down when wielding the gun.

Step 5: Motor!

Attach two wires on either side of the motor and attach the motor to the gun. I just realized you shouldn't gut out the whole block of wood, you should leave a "shelf" for the motor to be attached (leave two holes for the wires). hot glue the motor to that shelf and put the two nubs for the wires to attach to into the holes. Attach the wheel to the motor and test it out. once that is done, attach the one of the wires to one end of the 9v battery. the other should get a piece of aluminum foil on it that gets taped down. make the foil stick up so that the other piece of foil (mentioned in the next step) can come into contact with it when the trigger is pulled.

Step 6: Trigger

Make a trigger out of wood, it doesn't have to be much, just a block or a block with a curve to it. attach a hinge to the part of the gun it will hang off of to it. then attach the spring to the wall that the trigger moves towards and to the trigger. !!!! just realized that there should be a hole on the gun where the trigger's bottom would touch. then glue a wire to the bottom of the trigger and stick the wire through the hole. attach a piece of aluminum foil to the tip of the wire. add another wire that branches off of the first one and attach that to the end of the 9v battery.

Step 7: Getting There!

Now, rest the tube on one of the half hole things, glue up the edges, and put the other one on top. You have your completed gun! now you just need the clip.

Step 8: The Clip

this is pretty easy. Take a block of wood, cut a hole for the BB's, cut it in half, gut it (like before) and hot glue it together (you can make it with something other than wood if you'd like). if you followed the diagrams correctly, you should now have everything you need for your gun to work!


Go out and have some fun!

Step 10: In Action

Once i build mine, i'll show you how it works.



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    I am working on an electric air soft turret and need a NON-PNEUMATIC propulsion system. (don't have an air compressor or air tank. I do have a small air pump for filling large pool toys and stuff, but I haven't been able to get it to work with a vortex block-plenty of volume, but not enough pressure) Anyway, I already have a BB feeding system working pretty well (which I'll post when the whole thing is done), and was thinking of using a tennis-ball-launcher system with two counter-rotating wheels/treads to accelerate BBs. If anyone can get a system like this working, or has an idea for another electrically powered (It plugs in to mains so there's plenty of power) system, please help. Thank you!

    3 replies

    you could use a mini electric air pump possibly.

    the bb's will get a effect sort of like backspin, but it will likely be inaccurate. whether this is an issue, you be the judge. You can use rubber bands, they usually yield a fairly high speed. If you want semi/fully auto shots, I'm sure the knex gun guros on this site can help. As for the pneumatic issue, are paintball co2 canisters out of the question?

    A battery drill will spin your turret, and a rack and pinion cocking mechanism will power a spring piston propulsion system. Saw this on a fixed barrel auto airsoft powered by 4 AA's. Spit em out but lacked the power to terminate with extreme prejudice my main quarry- flying carpenter bees (they could DODGE the bullet!

    shouldn't the flywheel or the motor sort of act like a hop up?

    Every time I see a gun design like that it uses a compressor instead of an air chamber. Tell me if it works though :P

    this is because they use the compressor to fill the air tank. which makes it so you don't have to keep filling the tank.

    Great minds think alike! Ryobi now makes an 18 v portable air compressor and an inflator that allegedly generate 150 psi. The inflator's ergonomics look like they would lend themselve well to a pistol grip design. will have to add an air reservoir, solenoid, ammo hopper and feed, as well as a barrel. BTW, the full size LI batteries really pack some power and I own 7 of their tools. Motors have impressive torque. A small magnet under the barrel breech should keep the bb's from pouring out and an angled feed tube from the magazine (away from the muzzle ) should help reduce back pressure into the magazine, as well as a screw cap on top of the magazine fill. Quantum leap forward- multi stage battery powered compressor that can fill PCP air guns in the field

    Yes, you can have an on-board compressor, but I think it requires a backpack of car batteries.

    Also, i calculate that to get about 300fps with 2 inch diameter wheels you'd need almost 600 revolutions per second. You could use a high speed motor or gearbox assembly, but I'm thinking TESLA TURBINE! MWA HA HA HA! (If you power it with a guarden hose, than technically that's pressurized by you're house water pump, so it's electric, and no need for air an air compressor. You can use a modified sprinkler valve controlled by a solenoid to make the trigger electric as well)

    I think the biggest problem is figuring out what to use for the wheels and how to mount them. It would work in theory, but no one's ever done it because pneumatics are way easier.

    for my bb machine gun i used a 5 foot by 2 inch tank it last about 5 seconds at 60 psi but i can rip a can to shreds and fire hundreds of bbs

    you can build one out of legos. it is about the size of your fist when its done .there are many websites that show you how to do this. all you have to do is hook one up to a lego battery pack with an on off switch on it.

    Its funny, i just got one that hooks up 2 a car, its about 4 inches long, and i just replaced a car battery with a 9v and 2 AAs. It works great, but the batteries burn out really fast.

    I need a better version than that lol. I was thinking maybe use an rc car battery that is rechargeable and use it wofr a gun. That might work if I can find an aircompressor 4 inches long xD

    i made one like that. i took one of those canisters of 500 bbs with the flip out tube. i melted a hole in the bottom and glued a straw into it. then i hot glued te flip out tube on the lid to an airhose. at 90 psi it would fire all 500 in about 15 seconds at a good fps. i tried 125 psi and was goin good for about 10 mins. then a bb jammed and the whole exploded. but using pvc pipeing would make a great machine gun, altough it woulnt be very handy in a battle field, because of its bulk and relativley low air suply.

    pretty much, yeah lol. i have almost no intention of making it anytime soon, im lazy like that.